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If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. John 8:36

Live By The Spirit and be free to God and His promises for your life. God has promised and sealed His promise with the offering of His Son on our behalf to give us freedom from any and all things. The freedom promised by God is conditioned only on us believing. Believe that God can raised you up, no matter your circumstances, to be victorious and yield the benefit of a well-lived and joy filled life. God sets us free to inherit all things, the creation He created for us to enjoy and reveal His glory, by releasing you in His Spirit to LIVE fully free, unconfined, and uninhibited. They Spirit of God has been given so that the freedom that is ours is a blessing and not a curse, guiding and leading us through life and life’s challenges to our spring of life giving water. The springs of our life is the eternal bubbling up of the Spirit that God placed inside of us in order that we are living souls, to LIVE. LIVE free through the Spirit of God released in us for the overcoming of life and life’s challenges to enjoy our life and life more abundantly promised.


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