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If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:

II Timothy 2:12

Live By The Spirit has its challenges that requires an endurance through the good and bad, knowing that your labor, engagement as God has declared, is not in vain. The difficulties of life and its challenges can be overwhelming and look impossible to defeat but rest assured because you are connected by the Spirit with God, He will lead and guide you through it all so that you are enabled to stand up under whatever is before you and be victorious. If we are willing to follow God and LIVE in His promises we will be guided into our ordered steps that have been fixed for our victory, despite and in spite of what it may look like. Suffering for the cause of Christ makes us conformable to His death and gives us full access to His and our power of resurrection. LIVE in the very promises of God despite the tribulations you may endure, it is God’s opportunity to establish you and His purpose and plan for your life and the coming of His Kingdom on earth!


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