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He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me.

Psalm 18:19

God challenges us by His creation to have dominion and subdue all things of His creation, giving us the authority and responsibility to Drive Our Narrative. God chose you to have full control and authority over your life with His help by the deposit of His Spirit in you so that you would be a living soul in order to LIVE. It is up to you and I to choose God’s plan and purpose for our lives and in so doing, His Spirit, the breathe of life, the Holy Ghost will make us His witness of His love, power, and will for and to our lives. God purposely has brought us to the journey that is ours so that we might manifest His will and purpose for our lives. In being lead and guided by God, HIs Spirit makes us living souls. God takes us from one place to another, moving us into the large places of our lives, the life and life more abundantly in and through each and every one of our circumstances. The older saints woulds sing, every round goes higher and higher, God moving us from one space to a larger space knowing that what we have experienced is only preparation for the greater He has for our lives, HIs promise. We need not fear or fret because of what is going on and engaging us in our right now experience, God has promised and will perform that which is necessary through us to take us to our next level, our larger place, delivering us into His promises for our abundant life because He loves us and desires for us to LIVE!


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