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Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord;

for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

Psalm 106:1

The joy of a life well-lived is one that glories in God in and through all your circumstances. God has no need to prove Himself, He already has in your creation. God stepped out into nothing and formed heaven and earth, fully stocked, and made you to be its caretaker; having dominion and control over all creation and challenged you to be fruitful and multiply I with and in it. God gave you charge over your life and everything in it with the foreknowledge that you would make mistakes, imperfect decisions, and down right wrong turns but yet He made it possible for you and I to be redeemed and yet claim His desire for you to LIVE abundantly. Rejoice in the Lord and give thanks for He has made it possible for you, despite and in spite of your shortcoming, to LIVE abundantly, overcoming all things and inheriting the fullness of His promises. God loves you, despite you and what your environment looks like, giving you the internal power to take up the challenge in your circumstances to Drive Your Narrative and win, leading and guiding you into your large spaces of abundant life. The choice is yours, you can wring your hands and wallow in frustration or you can get up, dust your self off and work your promise. God has been and is with you, before you and behind you, ensuring that you are triumphant!


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