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Abstain from all appearance of evil.

I Thessalonians 5:22

Transformed Lives bespeak a life that is in honor of God and His will, promises for our lives. As you Occupy Your Promise, you reveal God as who He is, making way for you and empowering you beyond your natural abilities. Our walking in the will of God, our being and doing as He would guide, releases us from a way of life that is fueled by darkness, deceit, and lies. We, who are transformed, walk in the truth and thus, choose to make each and every step of our lives which reveals truth and honesty, keeping from any thing that would point to or reflect darkness. We, in our Transformed Lives, are compelled to reject anything and all things that point to darkness and destruction but instead we through our lives point to the light and love of God. As we today go to the polls to vote, let abstain from the appearance of evil by being and doing that reflects the true nature of God; love, peace, and mercy that releases the manifestation of the promises of God!

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