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But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.

I Corinthians 12:7

Equip Yourself for God is positioned to pour out, to give to you gifts to accomplish the purpose and plan for your life. The ultimate end of God’s purpose and plan for you and I is that He will be glorified and in turn we access and possess the life and life more abudnnalty promised. To the ultimate end of God’s glory and our well-lived and joy filled life, God has sent His Comforter, the Holy Ghost to lead and guide us through the vicissitudes of life and in that navigation gives unto us what ever is necessary to overcome and inherit His promise. Position yourself to receive the Holy Ghost for in receiving the Holy Ghost you have everything you need. To position yourself requires your humility and understanding that the reign of God dominates you and everything in your space and therefore requires that you release you and the things of your life to God’s leading and guiding. You may not see how God is going to do or even what the complete plan for you, however, in your life’s navigation, take one step, ordered step of God at a time and allow God to go before you and clear your way. If God be for you, who or what in the world can be against you. Occupy Your Promise by positioning yourself to receive The Holy Ghost that gives you, Equips You for victory in and through all things!

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