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Thy hands have made me and fashioned me: give me understanding, that I may learn thy commandments.

Psalm 119:73

God who is our Creator and the Creator of all things has made you and the things of life to collaborate for the good that glorifies Him as He glories us. We may not see how the circumstances of our life or we will come together for the good but God does. As we Identify With God and His purpose for our lives we must trust and rely on the faithfulness of God to what He has declared and promised. God as Creator is Master of all things and all things are subject to Him, God reigns! The reign of God over life and everything in it provides the context for you and I to take action as He directs with the understanding that He reigns. The context of believing and acting in the reign of God positions us to see God be and do who He is, God. Your promise is the revelation of who God is and the fullness of His power revealed in your willingness to believe and act on what God has declared and promised. The fulfillment of God’s promise on your life does not hinge on your perfectness or your abilities alone but instead on the righteousness of God and His power. God’s righteousness justifies you and I to walk in the life and life more abudnnalty promised. God chose you, release your self from your inadequacies and/or incapacities and allow God to lift you beyond you and what you deserve to embrace His grace and Occupy Your Promise!

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