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And while they abode in Galilee, Jesus said unto them, The Son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of men: And they shall kill him, and the third day he shall be raised again. And they were exceeding sorry.

Matthew 17:22-23

Finding our way, our path to the well-lived and joy filled life promised by God challenges us to choose that which will lead us to the promise or that which appears more comfortable and doable. The comfortable and doable in of it self is not always bad but may not always be productive. The way to our promise is going to be cluttered with difficulties that we would rather avoid however some difficulties are necessary if we are going to live in our promises. Making the appropriate choice at the intersections of our lives cannot be based on what is easier or more convenient but instead must be rooted in what is necessary to achieve what should be. Thus we need something within that motivates us beyond convenience to necessary sacrifice toward the promises for our lives. God has given to us the Holy Ghost, His very Spirit to lead and guide us in our path of life, despite and in spite of the obstacles, that provides everything we need to Engage the journey as well as receive all power to live in our promises. Occupy Your Promise by allowing the pathfinder, The Spirit to lead and guide you not in what is more convenient but what is necessary, even sacrifice for the life and life more abundantly promised!

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