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But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Matthew 24:13

Strategic Planning for your life and life more abundantly is a vehicle in which you can utilize to assist in enduring the journey toward your promise. The promise of a well-lived and joy filled life is ours but it takes work on our part to press forward and upward to the promise. Everything along our path may not agree and if it does, often it comes with additional struggles to bring out the best in us, and for things to work together for the good. It is in the moments of us not knowing how things will work out or even if they will in which we will need to endure. Enduring sometimes means just believing and latching on to that despite and in spite of your present reality. Strategic Planning allows you to balance your life with the journey ensuring that you factor in the necessary people, places, and things that allow you to go on even though you may not feel like it or can even see your way. God has promised us life and life more abundantly and in the abundance is ample opportunities for us to be refreshed and reinvigorated so that we are empowered from within and/or without to stay the course and accomplish what God has intended. Go ahead and Occupy Your Promise and factor in balance in your entire life supporting the lull times and fueling your endurance to the end.

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