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What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31

Taking Possession of your promise is easily said than done, however, it is easily done by just making up in your mind that what is, is not what should be and I am determined to have what should be for my life. Does this mean, you just declaring and/or thinking what should be that somehow miraculously you are transformed from what is to what should be, no. What a reframed mindset does is position you and your thinking toward the process of building out of what is that, which should be. The process will by no means be easy or without adversity, you are transforming your space and context to something new and demands development; deconstruction, reconstruction, and construction of the new. Therefore, because it challenges you to new terrain and spaces never before traveled, it is natural that fear will loom and try to derail, if not destroy your efforts but be assured that God is with you. God being with you provides you security, assurances that what ever is before you our God knew and knows and has well abled you to overcome. Well able is beyond your abilities and capabilities of just being able but instead well able, supported and allied with God the Creator. God the Creator of all things will bring every one and everything into alignment with His promise for your life of what should be. Go ahead and engage the process of Occupying Your Promise, fully embracing and living in what should be as ordained by God!

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