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Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch,

Matthew 15:14

To Take Possession of the promises of God requires appropriate insight. Insight is the ability to see pass what is to what should be. Often we find ourselves traveling down roads that lead us nowhere influenced by the glitter of possibilities and opportunities. Understanding your promise is paramount to taking the right road toward what is the life and life more abundantly that is yours. Appropriate insight is a direct result of flowing and operating under the guise of The Holy Ghost. As we go into the power of The Spirit over our lives we receive instruction, unction of The Holy Ghost, which leads and guides us into the path of life ordained by God. Remember Taking Possession is different than Occupying Your Promise. To Take Possession of something is to have something and does not mean that you can or will reside, dwell, occupy it. Occupying Your Promise is the process initiated by being in the right space, position, route God has ordained. Stop allowing what appears to be right to be right instead allow The Spirit to lead and guide you. Being blind to what is the promise of God for your lives will end in destruction and you will wonder around aimlessly! Capture the vision of God’s promise for you, evaluating it though The Spirit, and as a result take each and every step and enter into that which is yours and Occupy Your Promise!

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