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The year 2018 is the year to Occupy Your Promise! We all are determined at the beginning of a New Year to make this one better than the last, holding on to a sense that the new season will bring new and better things for our lives, families, and communities. The truth is that the New Year is going to be filled with days just like last year and the normalcy of life will continue to be, including adversity. If we are going to walk into our new season, the turning of the calendar year will not do it, we must be determined to take our lives, families, and communities into our hands, transforming them into what should be. What will be will not be just because of a New Year, it will be a direct result of our concerted and consistent action to design our lives as it was intended to be, filled with joy and pleasures forever more, the life and life more abundantly promised by God. God has already given us life and life more abundantly by His declaring it and giving Christ as our reconciler to Him and His declared will. Thus, you must accept his gift, take possession of His promise and as a result take the leap of faith, taking action on what should be fueled by your faith, which will move you from not only possessing but also to Occupying Your Promise!

Moving from possessing to occupying requires taking deliberate action to engage your life-family-community, reframing and designing as co-creators with God for what should be as promised by Him. You and I have everything we need, including the power to overcome any and all obstacles. We are called into a co-creator status with God to manifest His promises in our lives and world. This year go ahead, taking action to diligently pursue that which should be, Occupy Your Promise.

I challenge you this year to get busy manifesting your promise within the context of your space, where you are, so as to revel God and His purpose, fueling your determination to Occupy Your Promise in every aspect of your life, family, and community!

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Occupy Your Promise in 2018!

Pastor Mathis

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