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Who would not fear thee, O King of nations? for to thee doth it appertain:

forasmuch as among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like unto thee.

Jeremiah 10:7

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, including you and me and the situations of our lives. Therefore, do not abandon that which you believe should be because of the adversity of life, Take Possession of that which should be as promised by God for your life and life more abundantly. To Take Possession of that which is yours you must understand your promise. To understand means to know, have confidence in that which God has promised you and take action in and with it. If you do not claim that which is yours it with flounder and you will continue o live aimlessly without any vision. Be assured God has declared, prepared, and made accessible every promise for your life and invites you to go into those promises confident that you will overcome and inherit, be rewarded for your diligently pursuing. Nothing and no one can stand before God and with God you are invincible. Occupy Your Promise for it is your inheritance and God’s gift to you, not because you are so good or life and your journey cooperates but instead He gives simply because He is God and He declares it as representative of His love for and to you!

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