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The Springs offers in a spirit of excellence the Ministry of Worship, Ministry of Wholeness, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Service in order to assist individuals, families, and communities.  

Among the following pages, we welcome you to review, receive and participate in our offerings as we seek to meet you at your need and create a liberating and relevant space for you to meet God and become all He intends.  

The Ministry of Worship is our vehicle of connection to and reflection of our God that restores us and empowers us, creating a space where God and those who come will meet and hear Him. 

The Ministry of Wholeness is our vehicle of addressing the needs of individuals and families in order that they may be lead of Christ through their everyday experiences in order to spring forth as His witness. 

The Ministry of Education is our vehicle of assisting students to excel in their academic pursuits as well as challenge and assist them in the future pursuit of higher educational attainment.  

The Ministry of Service is our vehicle in which we utilize the gifts of The Springs and its members in service to the community.

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