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The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever.

The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.

The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.

The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.

The LORD will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged.

Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land:

when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.

Psalm 37:29-34

We are challenged in each and every one of our experiences to Activate our calling, anointing not only to overcome but also to establish our oneness with God and His Word for our lives, the righteousness of our calling. Remember, absolutely nothing happens by accident or happenstance, it is all Divinely ordered. Therefore, it is important that we are passionate about our calling in such a way that it is integral to everything we do; our Global Positioning System (GPS) which keeps us connected to the power source, outpouring of God’s Spirt which will navigate us through our pathway to abundant life.. As we Activate our calling, we provide demonstrative evidence of the righteousness of God operating in and through our challenges. The righteousness of God, fulfilling His purpose and plan, yields our life and life more abundantly, supporting our ability to Soar. As we Soar in the promises of God, we establish ourselves and journey as witnesses of the presence, power, and promises of God made flesh, real through our choice to Activate our calling and thus power to Soar. We may not fully see and/or even fully understand the how of our power, however, our witness will be made real overcoming challenges and pressing forward in our higher calling; rising high and being sustained to increase rapidly in the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives.



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