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So pay careful attention to your hearts as you listen to my teaching, for to those who have open hearts, even more revelation will be given to them until it overflows. And for those who do not listen with open hearts, what little light they imagine themselves to have will be taken away.”

Luke 8:18 (TPPT)

As we seek to live in our Word of promise from God and allow our Word to live in and through us, we must be open to new, New Opportunities to advance us and the fulfillment of our promises. Openness is required so that we do not become so rigid and inflexible that we drive the Spirit of God and His Word instead of allowing it to accomplish what the Spirit has been sent to do, lead and guide us. Thus, the Word admonishes us not to quench, to try and control the Spirit, but instead allow it to be free and flow and as a result, we flow with God and His intent for our lives. New Opportunities are just that new, never seen or thought of before, appearing for the first time, therefore, we have never experienced them before and are not part of our status quo or someone else’s experience. Free yourself by being open to the Spirit to take you to heights and experiences never before imagined or that you can perceive and in so doing you will be well-equipped to Breathe: New Life. Be open, available, and flexible to the move of God’s Spirit and the Spirit will accomplish what God intends to bring about your life and life more abundantly, that which can and should be for your life!


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