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And they shall hearken to thy voice: and thou shalt come, thou and the elders of Israel, unto the king of Egypt, and ye shall say unto him, The LORD God of the Hebrews hath met with us: and now let us go, we beseech thee, three days' journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to the LORD our God. And I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, no, not by a mighty hand. And I will stretch out my hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst thereof: and after that he will let you go. And I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty: But every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians.

Exodus 3:18-22

God has commanded you to be free from whatever binds you and prevents you from Him and His Word being fulfilled in your life and with your willingness to possess His promises, you will be free. Our freedom which brings about our fullness, the abundance of life and joy promised by God, is readily available not because someone or something grants it but instead because God commands it. Therefore, be not afraid of the process or what may appear the negative aspects of you being free, the very things; people, places, and things that may bind you are also under the Lordship of God and as Christ as your advocate, all things will work out for your good. Make sure that in your freedom you are not just free from things but also free to the very things that hinder, sharing and revealing the light of God’s presence, power, and promises by your actions. Your freedom is God’s gift to you to represent Him and to do it well, offering His Kingdom and the enjoyment of life and life more abundantly to all His creation. Remember, creation awaits you. Go forward in what God has declared for your life and Tell It, go Tell It on the mountain of your experiences as well as challenges and in so doing, they are brought into the light of God and His kingdom and whatever stands in your way of His fulfilled promises is removed. In your going, please Catch The Wind of God’s Spirit, empowering you beyond your abilities and circumstances which gives you the strength of God’s power to be raised above all things, shining the light of God’s glory. This Christmas season, receive God’s gift of His Word made flesh, and glorify God, Telling It on the mountains of your experiences and challenges that He is Lord and has come to bring salvation, deliverance to you and to all His creation!


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