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Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree fall toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be.

Ecclesiastes 11:1-3

Life is a process and the process’ yield will reflect whatever you sow. It is incumbent upon each of us, if we desire that which should be for our lives, whatever that is that brings about your life and life more abundantly, we must put in the time, the work to accomplish it. In putting in the work, although we will come to places in which it appears we are just waiting and/or cannot see the harvest we desire, we must not get weary but instead keep working yet intersecting our work with rest; reflecting and relying on God, the promisor, to accomplish what He has promised. If we cast our bread upon the waters of our life, God’s promise is that it will return; trusting God that the work we put in, our sowing, will reap the promised harvest. Whatever you do and to the extent you do it determines what your yield will be and as you rest, trusting God, He steps in providing His strength and power to keep you and ensure all things work out for your good, the reaping of the promised harvest. God has already set it up for you to Soar, to take flight to the higher ground of the fulfillment of His purpose and plan for your life. Do not get weary, rest and allow God at your limitations work it out, no matter the circumstances, for in them He gives you the ability to Reimagine Outcomes paving the way for you to yield your harvest in the abundance as He has so ordained!



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