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If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. And your threshing shall reach unto the vintage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sowing time: and ye shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land safely. And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid evil beasts out of the land, neither shall the sword go through your land. And ye shall chase your enemies, and they shall fall before you by the sword. And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.

Leviticus 26:3-8

We have a promise from God that if we keep His Word, encamp in that which He has spoken and gone before for our lives, and use it as a springboard to Get Up and go to seize and possess our promises, God will bless us.  God blessing us entails watering our efforts; giving life to our thoughts and actions to produce His and our expected end, His promises for our lives.  The life-giving waters that God promises to nurture our thought-life and actions ensure our increase, our being fruitful and multiplying our efforts to apprehend that which has already apprehended us, His promises made flesh, real in our lives.  Therefore, we need not be afraid of anything that appears to prevent or forms against us, none of it will prosper, despite the appearance of its power over us, we are blessed and have God’s Word, Get Up and have dominion and be fruitful and multiply, Open Up The Way!


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