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Just as you’ll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, so you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does. Go to work in the morning and stick to it until evening without watching the clock. You never know from moment to moment.

Ecclesiastes 11:5-6 (MSG)

You are Chosen by God and thus the mystery surrounding your ability to engage life and its challenges victoriously is the very witness, revelation God seeks through you and me. What God did in creating, shaping, and molding us through the experiences of our lives is the very power that lies within us to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ever ask or think. The wowing of our ability to engage in life and do so with the necessary synergy of spirit and purpose, allows us to press past what is to what shall and should be for our life and life more abundantly. Because we are Chosen we have a Most Favored Status with God, the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, with access to His power to reconcile all things to His intent for our life and life more abundantly.

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