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So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture

will give thee thanks for ever:

we will shew forth thy praise to all generations.

Psalm 79:13

Having a Most Favored Status whose sole purpose is to give God glory, to reveal Him in our everyday walking around life, demands that we be adamant followers of God. We must be like sheep to the Good Shepherd allowing Him to lead and guide us through life and its challenges in order to reveal the importance and impact of His presence, power, and promises fulfilled in life. Of course, God has created us with our own minds; thoughts, and ideas, however, it is our ability to take our thoughts and ideas along with our experiences and know-with-all and allow God to impress upon our minds and act according, to Visioneer His will. In our willingness to Visioneer according to God’s plan for our lives, we not only benefit but also all of creation and God is glorified. God has fearfully and wonderfully made you and I so that if we are willing to release to Him, He will impart unto us the ability to Visioneer through life showcasing His presence, power, and promises fulfilled in real time!


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