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For he hath delivered me out of all trouble:

and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies.

Psalm 54:7

We can Live and Enjoy life because God is our security, making and keeping us safe in and through all things, keeping us from wearing anything or anyone tightly. We can LIVE in the fullness of God’s promises without hesitation for anything or anyone that seeks to separate you from God’s promises, God is well-able to handle and diffuse for your good. We do not have to fear what appears to be impossible, difficult, or complex, God, our Systems Administrator, has prepared our way and is present, living with and through us, so that we are empowered beyond any and all limitations. Walk in God’s way as He leads and guide and you can be assured that whatever level of protection you need, God has it so that you can yet go through to get to your promises, so Live and Enjoy the fullness of your life and life more abundantly in and through all things!


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