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First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.

Romans 1:8

Driving Your Narrative serves as your testimony that you can achieve and overcome obstacles of your life through the power of God that works within you. As God has declared and created you to achieve that which should be for your life, He is manifested through His Spirit given to you and made real as you pursue that which should be. As you are going through to get to, LIVE, despite and in spite of the obstacles of your life for you have been chosen to serve as a witness that it can be done. You and I have the authority to command the people, places, and things of our lives to give for that which God has declared. As you, like leather, give to conform to God’s promises the people, places and things stretch to accommodate God’s purpose and plan for your life. Remember, God has spoken and thus already provided and supplied you with everything you need, it is up to you to Drive Your Narrative, bringing all things, including you into subjection to what God has said. God has gone before you and prepared the way, LIVE in it and overcome and inherit all things!


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