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The river of Kishon swept them away, that ancient river, the river Kishon. O my soul, thou hast trodden down strength. Then were the horsehoofs broken by the means of the pransings, the pransings of their mighty ones.

Judges 5:21-22

Drive Your Narrative even in the midst of the impossibility of your circumstances because God specializes in doing the impossible. One’s confidence in the God who sits on His established throne, the Lord and Master over all and in all things, is a must if we are to withstand the turbulence of life and its circumstances. When the circumstances, the things that would separate you from from God and His promises for your life, do not and seem not to cooperate with you to LIVE, be assured they too fall under the power and providence of God. Keep driving, pressing your way by working the works of your hands, the promise of God for your life and LIVE! Circumstances may appear to be fruitless and hopeless yet believe that God has not forsaken you and is working all things out for your good. The reality of the pressure of right now is all consuming but know God has gone before you and what you cannot see or makes sense for overcoming your circumstances, it is God’s opportunity to reveal Himself in the fullness of His power. At the battle of the river Kishon, God had already sent the rain and as the army approached the people of God, what appeared to give them leverage; their iron chariots got stuck in the mud and miry clay of the valley, stalling their ability to use what was their obvious leverage and as a result God won the victory. LIVE, God has gone before you and what does not appear is God’s hand creating and leveraging the circumstances and things of His creation to work on your behalf, just go forth and Drive Your Narrative to LIVE!


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