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In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.

Psalm 120:1

The life that is before can be a difficult task to bring into the well-lived and joy filled life promised by God, however, because it is a gift from God we do not have to do it on our own. It may appear that we have been left to our means to make and create out of what we have the abundance promised but not so, it is not entirely true that it is just left to you. God stands available to and for you to bring to pass that which should be for your life promised by God. Yes, we must take action fueled by our faith in that which should be, however we have additional support because God is our very present help through life in order to get to His promise of life and life more abundantly. The difficulties of life will make you believe that you are all alone, it is the by-product of walking through dark places, but be assured that God is with you to bring you into the light of His promises for you to LIVE. Call on the name of the Lord, seek His help, leading and guiding you to that which is yours, His promise. The promise may not be seen externally until you can see it within, the very springs of life-giving water He has deposited within you. Drive Your Narrative for in your difficulties is your promise and a yes you can overcome and receive, be empowered from within to LIVE!


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