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So the Lord was with Joshua; and his fame was noised throughout all the country.

Joshua 6:27

Temple-Centered living places you in the very presence of God, His Spirt where there is liberty. Liberty, being free from any and all things releases us to Live Fully in the promises of God, flowing with God through life and its circumstances, the overcoming and inheriting all things which is our promise from God. To be released is both an act and attitude. We must both understand and declare what it is that prevents us from living in the fullness of the life and life more abundantly promised as well as declare and act as such, the attitude. If you are going to possess, expect, and have the full rights and benefits of your promise you must be sensitive to that which prevents you living in your promise. Discerning what it is that clogs your ability to advance and enjoy your promises is critical to declaring that you will LIVE and not die. Take the time to revisit who you are what you believe should be for your life and then ask yourself what stands in the way and begin the process of transforming your life and space by declaring what is and what is not and take action, transform all things for your good. You can do it, achieve what is your promise, no matter how long its has been with you or how powerful you think it is over your life. You are Temple-Centered you have God dwelling and residing with you and as you go with God you will move the doorposts of your life-that which appears fixed and the mountains of your life-that which seem naturally fixed as a part of your landscape, the impossible and LIVE. It is God’s promise that those who thirst, desire, diligently seek will overcome and inherit all things, LIVE and as you LIVE it will be noised abroad, you will be His witness and light everywhere!


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