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Grace, Mercy, and Peace be unto you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! My heartfelt desire for you in 2019 is that you would LIVE. LIVE in the fullness of God’s promise of life and life more abundantly in every aspect of your life. To LIVE fully it demands that you and I make a choice, to live in our situations, despite and in spite of difficulties. I am choosing to LIVE and I encourage you to do so as well, live and not die so that we can declare the glory, revelation, fulfillment and manifestation in the here and now of God’s promise for life and life more abundantly.

To LIVE it demands we take on both attitude and actions that affirms our decision to live in the promises of God for our lives. The attitude and actions required is that we view this year and everything it brings as our Year of Jubilee; being released from any and all things that would separate us from the promises of God for our lives - if bound, we are free; if lost, by our means or some other, we and it is restored; if situations are complex or difficult or impossible, to relax and allow God to provide naturally as a result of our walking in the way He leads and guides - it is our Year of Jubilee. We must also, in year 2019, embrace and receive all things as our Year of Creativity; taking on what is before us with what we have and bring to the table with the confidence that we are well-able with God to create and produce out of whatever it is our life and life more abundantly - it is our Year of Creativity. Finally, we must embrace and receive in 2019 our Year of Faith; believing God for who He is, trusting and diligently seeking Him - this is our Year of Faith. Declaring, embracing, receiving, and acting in 2019 as the Year of Jubilee, Year of Creativity, and Year of Faith positions and empowers us to LIVE, living fully in the life and life more abundantly promised and available to and for us.

I welcome you to join me in 2019 and LIVE! I declare that despite and in spite of the vicissitudes of life, i.e., family drama, financial difficulties, relationship issues, racism, internal self-awareness and confidence, etc., I will live and not die, celebrating God all along the way and believing and acting in such a way that all things will work for my good. Further, I encourage you to join us in this effort of declaring, embracing, reviving, and acting this year at the Springs of Life-Giving Water Church whether in person (375 Howard Avenue, New Haven, CT), on our website (, via Twitter (@revmathis) or Facebook (@revwilliammathis) or Linkedin (William Mathis) as resources are shared to motivate, support, and affirm your ability to LIVE in 2019!

My prayer and word to you is to go ahead and LIVE, this is your year, the acceptable year of the Lord favor on your life!


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