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Why do ye persecute me as God,and are not satisfied with my flesh?

Job 19:22

As we seek to build out our well-lived and joy filled life we Identify With God and His will and promise for our lives. Identifying With God does not just make a statement to us but it translated to every on and thing of our space. Therefore, how we move and operate as we Identify With God and His promise represents God. Standing with God not only gives us direct access to the things of God but also serves as our witness of our belief a in God and what should be for our lives as He has promised. The challenge for and to us is to celebration the power of God in our lives that resurrects us to the fulfillment of His promise but also to the fellowship of His suffering that is a part of the journey. Occupy Your Promise for in the journey, which will include the good and bad, you win and overcome to I inherit all things, the life and life more abundantly promised, prepared, and ordained by God!

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