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So everyone in the community of Israel left the presence of Moses. Then they came back, every one whose heart was roused, whose spirit was freely responsive, bringing offerings to God for building the Tent of Meeting, furnishing it for worship and making the holy vestments. They came, both men and women, all the willing spirits among them, offering brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces—anything made of gold—offering up their gold jewelry to God. And anyone who had blue, purple, and scarlet fabrics; fine linen; goats’ hair; tanned leather; and dolphin skins brought them. Everyone who wanted to offer up silver or bronze as a gift to God brought it. Everyone who had acacia wood that could be used in the work, brought it. All the women skilled at weaving brought their weavings of blue and purple and scarlet fabrics and their fine linens. And all the women who were gifted in spinning, spun the goats’ hair. The leaders brought onyx and other precious stones for setting in the Ephod and the Breastpiece. They also brought spices and olive oil for lamp oil, anointing oil, and incense. Every man and woman in Israel whose heart moved them freely to bring something for the work that God through Moses had commanded them to make, brought it, a voluntary offering for God.

Exodus 35:20-29

As we Engagethe circumstances of our lives we must bring to bear all of what we have coupled with the fullness of God and His promise for our lives. Giving has a powerful impact on us as well as on the things of our lives. As we give, we indicate to ourselves and to the things of our lives that we are fully committed. Full commitment positions you to use what you have but also to draw on the very present help and presence of God in our lives as well as our determination for the will, the promise of God to be fulfilled. God has declared for you and I life and life more abundantly and with that promise we Engagethe circumstances of our life by giving, flowing in the path that God has ordained for our lives with our full presence in it to accomplish that which God intends. We did not choose God, God choose us and the life before us and has a plan and purpose, Engageit fully with everything you have and allow God’s strength to manifest in your full efforts. Allowing God to fully manifest in your giving of you reveals your generous and unselfish responsiveness to what God is up to in your life and as a result you willingly bring to bear your full voluntarily self for God’s full manifestation. Occupying Your Promiseis an Engagementthat brings to bear you full response, will, and voluntarily giving of yourself for the fulfillment of God’s purpose and plan for your life and life more abundantly!

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