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When Moses sent them off to scout out Canaan, he said, “Go up through the Negev and then into the hill country. Look the land over, see what it is like. Assess the people: Are they strong or weak? Are there few or many? Observe the land: Is it pleasant or harsh? Describe the towns where they live: Are they open camps or fortified with walls? And the soil: Is it fertile or barren? Are there forests? And try to bring back a sample of the produce that grows there—this is the season for the first ripe grapes.” With that they were on their way. They scouted out the land from the Wilderness of Zin as far as Rehob toward Lebo Hamath. Their route went through the Negev Desert to the town of Hebron. Ahiman, Sheshai, and Talmai, descendants of the giant Anak, lived there. Hebron had been built seven years before Zoan in Egypt. When they arrived at the Eshcol Valley they cut off a branch with a single cluster of grapes—it took two men to carry it—slung on a pole. They also picked some pomegranates and figs. They named the place Eshcol Valley (Grape-Cluster-Valley) because of the huge cluster of grapes they had cut down there. After forty days of scouting out the land, they returned home.

Numbers 13:17-25 (The Message)

The promise for our lives as seen through the natural is both exciting yet intimidating. The excitement of having and receiving your gift from God in the initial stages overwhelms us with joy and a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment of what we had been expecting. However, after the initial excitement of seeing an understanding your promise the challenges of living and dwelling in it , Occupying Your Promise, requires actions and abilities beyond what has been your comfort zone and what you perceive is your present capabilities. Everybody likes something free, however, noting is free! When the excitement of receiving something free settles in, the responsibility of sustaining your promise challenges your norm and suddenly what was the excitement of receiving your promise begins to fizzle and intimation sets in. Be not afraid, if God has declared and given you His promise, you are well able! You may not appear to be able to handle what is your promise but the promise has been given to stretch and raise you, resurrect you to your full abilities and capacities. God knew and knows what are the possibilities of you and your life and challenges you to arise, become and do everything He has created you for. The challenge of your promise is God’s developing and maturing tool, making you more like Him and reflecting the fullness of His power in your everyday walking around life. Be not afraid to Take Possession of your promise for what you cannot handle now God is developing and raising you to His intent for and through your life. The intimidation is s trick of the forces of evil to prevent you form becoming what God intends. Take Possession of your promise by evaluating it, contextualizing it in who you are becoming, and spend time with it to mature and raise you up to who God created you to be, Occupying Your Promise!

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